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Fans of all those older classic, Saturday morning cartoons will recall hanging out with The Flintstones (a modern stone age family) along with The Jetsons. From a futuristic standpoint, the cast members from the latter toon included Rosie the Robot, the automated maid who seemed to keep their family home spotless. She was like a more humanoid-looking iRobot Roomba that spoke, vacuumed, and dusted the whole house. This would become a vision of being a part of what would eventually become known as a smart home along with tons of other gadgets to make our lives more comfortable. 

Nowadays, these types of electronic gadgets and devices are becoming the norm in a growing global real estate marketplace. For example, recent statistics share that as of 2021, there are nearly 260 million of these residences found all over the world. Furthermore, three or more other types of internet-enabled devices operate in nearly a quarter of broadband-connected households. Unfortunately, these internet-connected gadgets often leave an open door for hackers to invade our reality. 

Smarter Homes and Other Intelligent Devices

At this point, it might be interesting to look at the all different devices that are vulnerable to attack with viruses being installed or added in an unknown and unpredictable way to a" Smart Home." For example, as mentioned previously, residences that are considered intelligent in terms of technology might not have been constructed that way, but instead include these types of attachments when installed later that fall into this category:

  • Commonly used and well-known kitchen appliances like refrigerators and ovens 
  • Current HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) with thermostat controls and/or fan operations
  • Today's security devices include doorbells or locks with cameras, smoke, detectors
  • Light dimmers, other types of electrical switches, and more

Often found inside our homes, but not necessarily a part of a construction or remodeling process, there are still a plethora of devices we use daily. We might not think of them in these terms, however, some mobile and/or homebound gadgets include:

  • Desktops, tablets, and laptops, along with their often sketchy network connections, come into question like wifi routers
  • This also includes e-readers and other related audio abilities 
  • Televisions, gaming systems, remote controllers, smart speakers, and other entertainment-related devices
  • Headphones and home theater systems
  • Famous brand name fitness watches, other types of body bands, and/or step counters

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Basically, it comes down to this: If any kind of electronic device is connected to the internet, in some way shape, or form, mobile or otherwise, it is vulnerable to potential problems from online attacks. Think of it this way, given all the gadgets we listed (and there are many more), we often overlook them as we've become accustomed to them being a part of our everyday lives.

For example, how many of these devices do you currently, possess, in some way, own or another whether your outright own them or not? They seem to be almost everywhere whether they're in our homes or on our person at any given time? These kinds of answers might surprise you if you do the math.

This begs many more questions, especially about how we can protect ourselves, family members, these devices, and our homes from cybersecurity threats and invasions from hackers. First of all, BB covers almost all of these devices and more with PocketGeek.  Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions or concerns about this safe, secure, and affordable security measure. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

* DISCLAIMER & SMALL PRINT: MaxxSouth Broadband will always have your back when it comes to ensuring safety inside your home, its high-tech equipment, online connections, and even third-party providers with this type of protection. However, most smartphone providers usually don't come into play inside of this equation. It's complicated, and we still want you to contact us with your questions and concerns. 

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