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About MaxxSouth Broadband

MaxxSouth Broadband is a technology leader in Northeast Mississippi and Red Bay, Alabama. We work to connect our community to one another and the world through innovative and high-quality technology and service.

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At MaxxSouth Broadband, we are committed to our community by providing superior products and services. As a fully integrated communications company offering high-speed Internet, Cable TV, and phone services, we deliver the broadband solutions our community needs to stay connected and thrive.

Social Responsibility

Bridging the digital divide is important for MaxxSouth. Our mission is to support and keep our communities connected to what’s important. To ensure everyone has the same opportunity to the internet we...

  • Invest in Fiber and it’s expansion so everyone can get the best Internet speeds
  • Have Programs like FreeNet (ad-supported Internet) so those who can't afford Internet, can get it free of charge.
  • Participate in discount programs to grant discounts to Internet bills for those eligible.
  • And more…