National Video Games Day: What is A Good Gaming Internet Speed?

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Happy National Video Games Day! For gamers, one of the most important aspects of their gaming experience is the speed of their Internet connection. But what is a good gaming Internet speed? Discover the best speeds for gaming and the benefits of Fiber Internet below!

Recommended Internet Speeds for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential. Slow Internet speeds can result in lag, which can be incredibly frustrating when you're in the middle of a game. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, choosing one of the Internet speeds practically made for gamers to level up their gaming quality is crucial.

The HSD Speed For Your Gamer Needs

For gamers hoping to get a smooth, lag-free experience while using HSD technology over the new fiber optics, we recommend getting a speed of 1000 Mbps. If you have multiple people in the home or many Internet-demanding devices like 4K TVs on your network, having a lower Internet speed could result in buffering. Each device competes over the Internet connection, so your gaming system may not take priority.

With 1000 Mbps download speed, such as MaxxSouth's Supreme Internet package, you won’t ever have to worry about delay, buffering, or lag ruining your run, graphics, and overall experience. You can take your squad to the next level with Internet built for online gaming.

Note: If you are living alone and do not have many devices connected to your network, a speed like 500 Mbps should be able to power your gaming. You can check out our Ultimate Internet package for more information.

Gaming With The Fastest Internet Available: Fiber Internet

If you have the budget for it, Fiber Internet speeds are perfect for gamers. Fiber Internet is the fastest around as it uses fiber-optic cables to power your network with pulsating light rather than electricity. When data travels to your home at the speed of light, imagine how fast your Internet connection will be for online gaming.

At MaxxSouth, there are a variety of Fiber Internet speeds available. With speeds ranging from 250 Mbps to 1000 Mbps in Fiber Internet, gamers can find the perfect package for their budget.

Why Fiber Internet is the Best for Gamers

Fiber Internet is the fastest Internet available. So what is the difference between HSD and Fiber, apart from having faster speed overall? Two words… symmetrical speeds.

Symmetrical speeds mean that the network connection offers equal upload and download speeds, which is significant for gamers. In online gaming, a symmetrical Internet connection ensures that gamers can not only download updates quickly (and all gamers know the struggle of multiple hour-long updates) and have high-quality graphics, but can also upload their own data, including commands, and stream without delay on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Gamers can experience real-time multiplayer battles, share gameplay without delay, and communicate with teammates without lag, which is crucial for immersive gaming. Overall, these symmetrical speeds provide a more enjoyable and competitive gaming environment.

Level Up Your Gaming with MaxxSouth

So, although the "perfect" gaming Internet speed varies based on your household circumstances, the higher the speed, the better the gaming experience. While HSD speeds are great for gaming, Fiber Internet can truly take gamers to the next level with its ability to provide symmetrical speeds to its users.

Need help deciding what Internet speed would be best for your gaming? Feel free to reach out to the Brainiacs, who can answer the question, “what is a good gaming Internet speed,” and any other Internet concerns you have, with ease.

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