Supported Modem List

MaxxSouth Broadband is proud to provide customers with choices to customize their experience. Customers have the choice to rent a cable modem or provide their own device.

These models are available for purchase at our retail stores.  Find a location near you.

Arris CM8200 - Wired Cable Modem
Arris CM9200 – Wired Cable Modem
Arris DG3450A – Wireless Cable Modem
Arris DG9450 – Wireless Cable Modem
Arris TM3402A – Wired EMTA
Arris TG3452A – Wireless EMTA
Arris TG9452 – Wireless EMTA

*Please note that some model limitations may apply such as approved speeds and an included WiFi router. 


MaxxFiber requires an Optical Network Terminal or ONT. There currently is no retail ONT device compatible to work on the MaxxSouth Broadband platform. A permanent and professionally installed ONT device is included in every MaxxFiber Internet plan. The ONT device acts like a modem equivalent. MaxxSouth Broadband recommends SmartNet powered by eero for WiFi router needs. Please visit our Fiber information page to learn more on MaxxFiber.


Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Retail modems purchased from MaxxSouth Broadband have a 30 day return policy. Modems are not covered by a MaxxSouth Broadband warranty. Manufacturer's warranty may apply.

MaxxSouth Media Gateway customers who choose to purchase their own modem will receive complimentary modem installation to ensure there is no disruption with the video service delivered through the MaxxSouth Media Gateway whole-home DVR. Please call 800-457-5351 to arrange.

Instructions for retail modem purchased from MaxxSouth Broadband Store

  1. Once purchased, the modem is associated to the customer's account.
  2. Take home and connect the cable line to the modem, connect power cord to the modem and into power source.
  3. Power on. Modem may take approximately 30 minutes to upgrade firmware. You should be connected to the internet.
  4. After 30 minutes, if modem can not access the Internet, call Technical Support at 800-457-5351.

Instructions for modems purchased elsewhere

  1. Please verify the modem is approved on the list above, prior to purchasing.
  2. Once purchased, connect the cable line to the back of the modem.
  3. Plug in the power cord and the modem will begin its boot sequence. The modem may appear to be online after only a few minutes but please allow a full 30 minutes before the next step.
  4. Call 800-457-5351 and follow the prompts for technical support. Inform the technical professional you purchased your own modem and need to have it associated with your account.
  5. There will be one or more labels on the modem itself. Locate the CMAC on one of the these labels (this label usually contains several barcodes).
    ***If there are no labels on the modem or the CMAC is missing, we will not be able to link the modem with your account.***
  6. The technical professional will run diagnostic tests to ensure the modem is compatible.
  7. Once confirmed, your modem is ready to access the internet.