Why People Enjoy Rewatching TV Shows and Movies: Nostalgia, Easter Eggs, and More

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Think about one (or more) of your favorite movies or TV shows and series that you've seen multiple times. Some of us have lost count of how many times we've repeatedly viewed some of these options. What is our fascination with watching and rewatching tv shows? Let's take a look at why we continue to tune into these popular choices.

Nostalgia and Comfort

When we watch a show that we loved in the past, it can bring back happy memories and feelings of comfort. It's like revisiting an old friend or a familiar place. The characters and storylines may feel like a part of our own personal history, and rewatching them can be a way to reconnect with that past.

When you are anxiety-ridden or simply want a taste of nostalgia, seeing our favorite films again can help to relax and unwind. After a long day or week, sometimes we just want to escape into a familiar world where we already know the outcome. Rewatching a show can provide a sense of comfort and predictability that can be soothing for the mind.

Quotes and Culture

When you think about it, quoting movies has become an important and entertaining part of today's (and yesterday's) culture. It's so commonplace, that familiar and memorable lines from beloved movies are often featured in everything from water cooler conversations in the workplace to global topics and memes found all over the world-wide-web. They're easily recognized by the majority of the population and often point to different circumstances and are used to connect with people on a variety of different levels from overcoming adversity to embracing acceptance.

Finding Easter Eggs and Viewing the Unseen

No matter how many times we may have seen a certain TV show or memorable movie, we may have overlooked something that was either unseen or overlooked during a past viewing. Many shows are filled with subtle references and foreshadowing that can be easy to miss on the first watch.

For instance and when it comes to more current cultural movie references, there are tons of examples where writers, producers, and directors enjoy planting Easter Eggs in their movies, especially in animation as mentioned previously. The more these hidden gems are circulated with the public, it seems audiences are tuning in multiple times in order to find them to see for themselves. 

Studio producers like Disney and Pixar are literally world-famous for hiding these things in plain sight or stashed in the background during their presentations. They often look to former (or future) presentations to get a little chuckle at their viewer's expense. Even recently with the release of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Marvel fans are sharing the Easter Eggs they have noticed. For example, the infamous Spider-Man popsicle can be seen floating after Miles during the chase-scene in the film.

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