Users of Free Wi-Fi Hotspots Beware! Important Info to Avoid Being a Victim of Today's Newer Scams

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Unscrupulous people have been around since the beginning of time and today's technology has opened new doors for these tricksters looking to take advantage of the unsuspecting. While many online users are regularly compromised in some way considering everything from relatively harmless cookies and clickbait, however, today's crooks will stop at almost nothing in an attempt to rob you blind when using the internet

Nowadays everyone already knows, that there's no Nigerian Prince wishing to share his inheritance with us with an email alert. Similarly, it's highly unlikely we'd be notified of lottery winnings or other treasures to be discovered and uncovered online. We steer clear of these outdated attempts, but there are still more on the horizon and we're particularly susceptible while using public and/or free Wi-Fi hotspots.

Where and What are Some of the Problems

Nowadays, no-cost ways to access the internet on our omnipresent handheld devices are found almost everywhere from our favorite corner coffee shops and local restaurants to national healthcare institutions like hospitals and doctor's offices. While it seems perfectly legitimate or rational to sign onto one of these platforms as a trusted source, that's far from reality.

Think of it this way, literally anyone who is in the range of these wireless connections is able to log in with a publicly available, unsecured password (or without one altogether) that's being shared with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential users. For hackers, this is like an open, engraved, invitation to invade the privacy of the users of these less-than-secure connections given their experience of breaking into an online spot that's not well-protected. 

Cleverly Disguised Offenders Claiming to be Defenders

This particular warning includes being aware of questionable extensions available on platforms like Google that might mess with your online reality, security, and so much more. For example, there's at least one extension that claims to be a "Google Ads Defender" (link avoided purposely) and it's actually the exact opposite of what it claims to be or performs.

In reality, it takes over your Google account and litters it with search results that are chock full of paid advertisements that have little or nothing to do with the information a user is seeking. Instead, this cleverly disguised extension might be installed without your knowledge or consent when using public Wi-Fi. If you're experiencing this kind of online distress, this type of open network might be to blame.

FIXING THE PROBLEM: Open your Google account using the three dots button found to the extreme right on top of the search bar. Choose the "more tools" option from the menu and click on extensions. If you have this intrusive addition, you'll see that it appears to be legit using the Google colors, name, and logo, but it needs to go. 

Closing Windows and Doors

The Windows platform has been the number one operating system almost since the dawn of technology itself. However, this king of the high-tech world hasn't survived its reign without their difficulties throughout the years. For example, interior bugs, glitches in the system, and often unwanted updates have proved to be problematic coming from this popular OS (aka operating system). Some questionable issues stem from hackers using public Wi-Fi to crack into an OS, whether it's Windows or not.

FIXING THE PROBLEM: Obviously, users should avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots whenever possible, but sometimes, it's simply not an option in today's high-tech world, along with the hustling and bustling fashion of our current society. If you have unlimited data available ... use it ... and try to stay off Windows when connected to these no-cost connections. 

And finally, you can rest assured that your connection(s) to the internet through MaxxSouth Broadband are safe and secure whether they're wireless or hooked up the old-fashioned way via a cable or cord. We utilize all of today's best, top-of-the-line technology and encryption methods to keep your sensitive information and identity right where it belongs ... safe and secure.  If you still have questions, we have answers and we're looking forward to hearing from you. 


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