Tips to Help Keep Your Kids on Task While Virtual Learning

kids on computer

Keeping young kids on task is hard on a daily basis, but is an even bigger challenge when virtual learning in on the table. Most of the time when online learning the parent takes on the role of the teacher, and the child does not feel like they are at school. Making school a priority will help keep kids from acting like it’s a vacation. To make the best out of the situation here are some helpful tips to help your child adapt to learning from home.

Designated space for learning

The kids should go to the same spot every day and that should be the only thing they do there. Place the space away from the TV and make sure that the area has a good Wi-Fi connection.  A comfortable chair is key! If your child gets bored easily consider a balance ball chair similar to one those use to work out with. Stabilizing their core makes children more focused and able to be more attentive. Rubber bands can also be placed at the bottom of the chair or desk to give kids somewhere to put their feet. Studies show that students stay on task while releasing anxiety.

Sharing a work space

If you have multiple kids sharing a working space, can be challenging so be artistic and use visual barriers to limit distractions. You can order them online, or get creative and make one together out of cardboard.  

Brain Breaks

Looking at a screen all day may be hard from some kids, so it is important to include lots of little breaks in between learning. Exercise before your child is expected to focus might also be a good activity to try to help get the brain relaxed and focused.

Time Management

Having a set schedule will help everyone stay on task and stay efficient throughout the day. Let your kids help you manage the schedule. Time management is a great life skill to learn from a young age. Tryng to build as much consistency as possible will help keep kids on task with school work, homework, and other activities. Try to get the kids on the same schedule they had when they were in school. The best thing to do is observe your child and see what works best for them.

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When the kids need to sit and listen to the teacher it can be a particularly difficult time to keep kids focused. Doodle notes is a free helpful way that provides templates you can print out to keep kids focused when taking notes. Keeping a notecard near the work space with all of the important passwords and URL’s can also be useful to keep your life less stressful. Also remember that to keep a checklist and kids often respond better to visual reminders!