Study Smarter - Not Harder: Today's More Modern Habits and Top Tips for College Students

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Considering the fact that a great deal has changed since our parents and grandparents attended school, in today's more modern world, many things are monumentally different when it comes to studying and getting better grades. In this light, here are some of the most popular and eye-opening ways to make the most of this important part of advanced education.

Background Noise versus Total Silence

Back in the day, it was said that the best and only way to study properly was inside an environment that was completely devoid of noise in order to concentrate. However, some current students find that listening to music or hearing other background sounds coming from a television or other electronic device actually helps them to focus. Find the situation that works the best for you and implement either a quiet place or embracing noise to assist you while studying.

Sticking to a Schedule

A big part of attending college is adhering to a strict schedule that requires regular attendance either in classrooms or online and the same is true for studying. Along with figuring out the best environment for absorbing information, specific times set aside for this practice is key to success. It's also important to recognize when it's the right time for your brain to take advantage of learning. For example, some people are night owls while others are more receptive to facing reality first thing in the morning right when they roll out of bed. Find the ideal niche and time for soaking up knowledge and stick to it like clockwork.

Getting Enough Sleep and Avoiding Substances

An overly tired brain is a useless body part (for med school students) or faulty instrument when it's deprived of sleep and/or altered by drugs and/or alcohol. Back in the day, when "cramming" for a test found some students resorting to using legal (or illegal) substances to stay awake. This was usually due to ignoring some of the previous methods like waiting until the last minute to study for "the big test" and often staying up all night in order to pass the class.  A cup of coffee is one thing, but according to educational experts, overusing these types of methods while popular in the past, is a waste of time and can be very hazardous to your health.

Considering Study Groups versus Solitude

Once again, whether you're studying while listening to music or putting yourself into a place of silence, working with groups as compared to studying in solitude often offers benefits in the latter case. In reference to another ancient expression when saying, "two heads are better than one," collective minds usually work together toward a common educational goal. Even if there's dissension in the ranks, these differences of opinions or even disagreements about certain facts will most likely lead to success in the long run. 

Taking Into Account Today's Technology

The majority of parents or grandparents of the current generation of students didn't have access to things like online opportunities and relied on different types of criteria for research. Think about only relying on paper dictionaries, encyclopedias often found in libraries, or even using the Dewey Decimal System which is now considered an antiquated method of finding and digesting information. Nowadays, access to the world wide web literally opens a virtual door to millions of resources that are available to users with just a few clicks using modern devices connected to the internet.

On that closing thought, when it's time to boost your internet speed, contact us today to explore the many affordable options available. In the meantime, stay tuned to our blog for more informative and educational topics like this one and you'll keep one step ahead of today's technology.  And finally, here's looking forward to your current, continued, and future success!


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