Notable Celebrities That Were Hacked Putting Both Their Fans and Themselves at Risk

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As consumers are already aware, using today's technology comes along with many risks from unwanted emails to intrusions on social media platforms. Nowadays, hackers and their scams are looking to steal identities and/or take advantage of online customers on a regular basis.  One of the best defenses against these attacks is a strong offense. In other words, there are many ways we can avoid these internet conundrums by staying informed.

One of the many tactics these scumbags use to hook their victims is tying into an interest with star-studded celebrities through a veiled attempt to follow these favorite idols. Later, fans and consumers are often reeled in (aka fishing) for their own financial gain. Some of us have already seen these attempts with advertisements that appear as real headlines at first glance and then end up as a BS advertisement for a product that these A-listers never endorsed. Here are some real-life examples of when celebrities were connected with con artists online much to the dismay of their fans.

Alexis Bledel

Mostly known for her wholesome role as Rory on The Gilmore Girls, fans of actress Alexis Bledel may not have expected the more serious characters she later portrayed in The Handmaid's Tale.  At the same time, hackers must have kept a close eye on her rising success when she became a target for malicious search results connected with the term torrent (a strong and fast-moving current). It's a weird stretch, but it still worked and somehow managed to put her and her fans in hot water.

Barack Obama

Past, future, current, or seated presidents aren't exempt from being tripped up on the internet in association with these online predators. During his 2009 presidential campaign, Obama's Twitter account was hacked when releasing a tweet stating: "What is your opinion on Barack Obama? Take the survey and possibly win $500 in free gas" which contained a malware link.

Britney Spears

Fans of this pop icon watched in dismay as this beloved songstress seem to spiral out of control from a failing marriage to her overbearing parents taking over her finances. Meanwhile, commentators on her Instagram account were subject to a hidden hashtag and other random jargon that led users to a disappointing download from a fake Firefox Browser plugin. After this phony addition was installed, almost every aspect of a user was monitored with passwords, and personal data being collected and stored for potential future ill-gotten gains.

Celine Dion

Canadian superstar and beloved songstress Celine Dion was also susceptible to one of these intrusions on her official website. Since our neighbors to the north are well known for their hockey skills, it wasn't a big surprise when a link to this sport appeared on her webpage. Unfortunately, that connection led to a questionnaire asking participants to give up personal information along with asking for payment information.

James Corden

This delightful British talk show host, actor, and comedian has been delightfully entertaining audiences for decades. Therefore, fans weren't expecting him to be tied and associated with a number of suspicious links throughout his late-night TV. Thankfully, he used his platform as a popular late-night show to warn his fans about clicking on dangerous links that might lead to disastrous results.


Another successful singer, actress, and performer to fall victim to a scary scam was Rihanna. It might have been tied to her abusive relationship with Bobby Brown who had a reputation for being a bad boy in the rising R&B music industry. Unfortunately, hackers used this backstory as a way to exploit her and utilized this topic as click-bait to lure curious fans to access a supposed sex tape. However, no such presentation was ever created, filmed, or released. Thankfully, she used this as an opportunity to raise awareness about sexism and domestic violence.

Here at MaxxSouth Broadband, we're always looking out for you when it comes to utilizing the best in high-tech methods to stop these tricksters in their tracks. We also employ an excellent, highly trained team of Brainiacs offering the best advice to thwart these tactics. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more vital information about these ploys. You're always encouraged to contact us at any one of our convenient locations whenever you need assistance.

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