National Courtesy Month

courtesy month

It takes little effort to extend kindness. The entire month of September gives ample opportunity to practice being kind. It’s National Courtesy Month!

The word courteous comes from the Middle English word ‘kindness,’ which means ‘noble deeds’ or ‘courtesy’. Courtesy can mean several things to different people. To some, being courteous means to be helpful. To others, being courteous means to be polite and having good manners. Courtesy can be words spoken or an action towards someone. Courtesy is about manners and respect. How you choose to show someone courtesy is entirely up to you!

Courtesy should never have limits for people you know. Showing a stranger common courtesy could be the defining factor of their day. Oftentimes, a small gesture, such as a compliment, can make a person feel appreciated. When people are considerate to one another, a positive effect happens. Moods improve and smiles are easily found. Starting your day with a polite demeanor will have a ripple effect for the people you encounter!

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