Fun Summer Ideas to Kick Off Summer Time

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After surviving a lockdown summer last year and a school year of constant curve balls, this summer deserves more celebration than ever before. As the school year ends and children get ready for summer fun, kick off this spectacular season with some family events to remember.

Have a Yes Day

Your children are used to: “No,” “Sorry, we can’t do that,” “We just don’t have time,” or “That will make a huge mess.” Surprise your kiddos with a “Yes Day” where you agree to say yes to their requests. It will also help you bond with your children and truly be an event to remember.

Have a backyard campfire

While you may be a pro at backyard campfires after a year forced outside, the wonder of sitting around a campfire at night roasting marshmallows, telling stories, singing songs and gazing up at the stars never fades. Whether it’s your first of the season or one of many this year, make this campfire special by talking about the things you missed last summer and the things your family is looking forward to this season. 

Enjoy an ice cream sundae party 

Nothing sings summer like cold ice cream on a hot day. Hold an ice cream sundae party with your clan and put out fun toppings like sprinkles, graham crackers, gummies, cherries, and even whipped cream. Let your kids serve themselves then take them to the park to run out the sugar.

Have a water party

Water play is a great way to pass any summer day and beat the heat. Kick off your summer with a family water balloon toss, water blaster chase or slip-n-slide relay. Your family can compete or just play for fun as you celebrate the many water days ahead.

Plant a summer garden together

You don’t have to be a garden guru to grow plants. All you need are some seeds, potting soil, a shovel, and a little elbow grease. Let your children decide on their flowers, herbs or summer vegetables, and then work as a family to create a garden bed in your yard, fill garden pots or create a raised bed with some boards. The best part is this effort yields rewards throughout the summer and is a family project you will work on together watering and picking your bounty, especially as the summer season draws to a close.

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