Enjoying Hot Halloween Happenings and Spooky Sites in the Good Ole State of Mississippi

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Even though it's the time of year when temperatures are beginning to drop, there are still hot happenings here in Mississippi with the arrival of cooler autumn months. Halloween is often considered the kicking-off point for the upcoming holiday season and there's plenty to enjoy and explore in this region. Let's take a look at some of these spooking sites and sensational events happening in the great State of Mississippi.

Visiting the Cedar Hill Haunted Farm in Hernando

When seeking thrills and chills, frights, and festivities galore, look no further than the Cedar Hills Farm in Hernando.  Along with an enormous pumpkin patch for visitors of all ages, annual attractions include a Haunted Hayride, the Trail of Terror, and an interesting event known as Sensturbia. During the latter attraction, visitors are plunged into complete darkness for plenty of opportunities to get their pants scared off of them by some seriously creepy characters appearing out of almost nowhere.

Crossing the Creepy Stuckey's Bridge in Meridian

For those who are into the supernatural, ghosts, and spooks there's an interesting tale behind Stuckey's Bridge located in Meridian, Mississippi. According to an ancient legend, this structure was built in 1901 and is home to a truly creepy backstory. Apparently, back in the day,  it was said that a local innkeeper murdered his guests in their sleep and was later hung for these crimes from the bridge. Many say his ghost can still be seen walking across this old overpass although it's now closed to automobile traffic. Will you see this apparition carrying a flashing lantern in the dark on Halloween according to the ghost stories? You'll need to visit and find out for yourself.

Parking After Dark in Jackson

As a well-known and popular city in Mississippi, it's only natural that Jackson would be home to an annual event that's both family-friendly and educational for visitors of all ages. Halloween happenings at Park After Dark are plentiful through a partnership with Mississippi's Children's Museum and the local Museum of History.  Both kids and adults will enjoy attractions available at both locations with a free shuttle service to soak in all the sights and sounds.

Attending an Awesome Costume Party at Shucker's in Ridgeland

Along with being an excellent restaurant for enjoying fresh seafood from the shores of southern Mississippi, Shucker's Oyster Bar also hosts an annual Halloween costume party that's all the rage in this region. Be sure to bring your A-game to this annual celebration as the competition is heated and tight for the crown as the best disguise presented at this party. If you don't want to get all dressed up for the event, don't worry,  it's perfectly acceptable to attend to enjoy the live entertainment to check out some outlandish, over-the-top, and amazing costumes. 

Touring the Old Biloxi Cemetery

What's spookier than All Hallow's Eve as it was referred to in the past? How about touring a historic cemetery in old Biloxi? For nearly 320 years, this ancient graveyard has offered self-guided tours of these creepy grounds for both locals and tourists alike. Since 1699, the Biloxi Cemetery has hosted these types of trips through this historic burial area for centuries. However, during the Halloween season, this local attraction offers visitors a more in-depth experience with the legends and family histories involved with distant days gone by the wayside. 

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