Do You Feel The Need For Better Internet Speed? Is There Enough For Your Household?

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Many retro-movie fans of classic eighties flicks are looking forward to Top Gun: Maverick that's slated for release in July 2022. This highly anticipated sequel will once again star Tom Cruise as a pilot who pushed his talent and plane to the limits. Most will recall the signature phrase, "I feel the need ... the need for speed" as spoken by Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Cruise) echoed by his co-pilot Nick "Goose" Bradshaw as portrayed by Anthony Edwards followed by a high-five salute.

However, in real life, today's internet users are often pondering whether their connection speed covers the needs of their household in terms of different circumstances. These factors include the number of people logged on at any particular time along with what type of tasks they're attempting to perform from gaming to streaming, or just checking emails or scrolling through a wide array of social media platforms.

A Blast From The Past

The majority of younger users won't recall that high-pitched, screeching sound and super sluggish speed with old dial-up connections from the distant past. At the time, there wasn't really much in the way of choices when it came to better internet options that would boost speed and performance, especially for multiple devices. However, these were the days when households might only have a single desktop computer (if that) and few had simple cell phones or other electronic, handheld devices at their disposal.

Fast-forward to the twenty-first century and recent statistics have revealed the average American household hosts more than ten of these gadgets that are almost always connected to some kind of Wi-Fi network. Throw the recent pandemic into the picture and there has been a significant rise in both distance learning and those working from home leading to more pressure being put on internet connection. This leaves many people wondering if their current level of connectivity is up to snuff and is able to handle this type of increased workload.

Number of Users and Speed Measured in Mbps

Most people nowadays are aware the acronym Mbps stands for megabytes per second in terms of download times. While we won't get into all the nitty-gritty details about how this relates to better speed, it's safe to say the more megabytes available, the better. In other words the higher the number of Mbps being delivered, the greater the speed, and it also offers better performance overall. Here's a quick breakdown of numbers and figures when considering these factors available from different affordable high-speed Internet plans:

  • 150 Mbps: The term household might mean just one user in some cases. This platform should serve singles quite successfully connecting to 1-3 electronic gadgets. While it covers a trio of different devices, depending on their usage, a bump up to the next level might be appropriate if an operator is over-tasking the network while working from home or educating themselves off-campus.
  • 250 Mbps: At this plateau, 4-6 devices will operate nicely when streaming, gaming, learning, working, and searching online. This plan includes all equipment costs along with the next two options that are all devoid of these expenses.
  • 550 Mbps: This powerful and newer addition to these tiers delivers a bigger bang for a user's buck backing 7-9 devices simultaneously.
  • 1000 Mbps: Go for the ultimate online gusto with 1000 Mbps powering a plethora of different devices. Up to thirteen operators are able to perform tasks faster and more efficiently at 40 times the rate of the lowest level.

BONUS: For those who choose the 1K Mbps grand plan, this option includes SmartNet technology as part of this premium package. Users of SmartNet tech receive better-blanketed coverage available from nearly every nook and cranny of their domicile. Operators are also given unique control over connected devices and the network. This includes denying or restricting access to different users (aka parental control) and the ability to track usage on various devices.

Checking Speeds and Keeping Current

It's always a good idea to test your internet speed on a regular basis to ensure you're getting the best possible performance. Just like today's technology growing at an exponential rate, things change rapidly when it comes to keeping pace with this constantly expanding industry. If you still have questions, we've got the answers.

Feel free to contact us today using your preferred method of communication from a one-on-one telephone conversation to an email, or visiting one of our many locations. We're looking forward to hearing from you to make sure you're getting everything you're wanting from your internet services and entertainment packages.

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