Cybersecurity Alert: The Most Vulnerable Smart Devices

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The more we depend on today's technology, the more we become vulnerable to scammers, hackers, and their unscrupulous methods used to invade our privacy in an attempt to rob us blind or cause other kinds of harm. Thankfully, we can open our eyes a little bit wider to become more aware in order to protect ourselves from these threats with a little bit of education and awareness.

Many of these attacks come from an increasing number of "smart" devices that are connected to the internet and our homes. They're all over our houses and located our persons at any given time. Additionally, experts are warning us and adding their valuable advice by saying, "if everything is connected, everything can be hacked," That's a pretty scary statement all by itself, so let's move on to the topic at hand.

Smart Devices Most Susceptible to Threats

First of all, let's look at some of the most susceptible devices that are vulnerable to these types of threats. Again, there are so many of them present in our everyday lives, we often lose track of all these gadgets when it comes to protecting ourselves, family, home, finances, etc.

  • Video doorbells and other types of exterior and interior visual security devices: It's ironic to think gadgets that are meant to protect us from unwanted intruders could potentially open the door to online threats. #
  • Smart TVs and other intelligent entertainment options: This often includes gaming and other boxes that deliver to today's screens large and small. Penetration of these parts could lead to many dangerous possibilities 
  • Robotic cleaning devices: The popular iRobot Roomba often comes to mind but there are many other options available that help to keep our living spaces spic and span.  Still, for some reason, hacking into a household cleaning system is a target for these scammers.
  • Baby monitors: Also known as nanny cams, they started out as simple audio devices to listen to infants when we were out of the room. Today, baby monitors allow us to see and hear what's happening with a baby including their caregivers.
  • Smart garage door openers and other Smart ways to access locked spaces: Similar to the video doorbell situation as mentioned previously, it's a little creepy to consider these gadgets that are designed to keep intruders out of our premises could give access to hackers.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Smart speakers: According to experts in the tech field, companies have been experimenting with using tracking devices that play inaudible, ultrasonic beacons through these speakers when users visit certain websites. 

Furthermore, researchers say it's surprisingly simple to write customer malware programs that are able to become embedded into speakers with the potential for great harm to users and their equipment. This would make them capable of emitting frequencies at high intensities, blasting out audible sounds at high volume levels. Along with possibly damaging human hearing or causing tinnitus, it could have negative psychological effects on the listeners and destroy their equipment in the process. 

Get Superior Cyber Security Protection

So what are today's technology-minded consumers supposed to do in order to protect themselves from these attacks that are coming from multiple directions and sources? For starters, MaxxSouth Broadband customers should consider signing up for Pocket Geek, a protection plan that covers dozens of devices in case they're compromised.

This includes repair or replacement benefits on a plethora of gadgets for less than a dollar a day. If you still have questions about this kind of coverage, please contact us today at one of our many locations. We're always looking forward to hearing from you in order to assist with all of your technological needs and concerns. 

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