Check Out Google's New Privacy Protection Utility For Better Cybersecurity

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When searching, surfing, researching, and shopping online we often fall victim to unwanted ads and annoying text messages, even irritating phone calls as a result. Think of it this way, Let's say we're looking for a common household appliance like a microwave oven, crockpot, or even a can opener. After the purchase has been made, then we're usually bombarded by advertisements for the same product during our next search.

Seriously?  How many of these items could one household possibly burn through given such a short amount of time? What's even worse, is the amount of other personal information that seems to be floating around in cyberspace for anyone to snag, use, and abuse. Unfortunately, it's not even necessary to buy something in order to get blasted with texts and emails that are not only unwanted but irritating.

Google Giving Solutions

Thankfully, the gigantic search engine Google is offering some solutions to some of these common problems. They've implemented some new ways to keep your private information exactly where it belongs... personal and private. Let's take a look at what Google's new tool is offering surfers on the world-wide-web for ways of shutting down and possibly plugging some of these potentially hazardous leaks.

Title and Tributes

Getting back to the point, the utility that Google is offering at no cost to users is called Results About You and could make a difference when surfing and swimming through these muddy waters. Their tool touts the ability to "manage your online reputation" using certain methods. If you don't already have one, you'll need to get an account in order to get started and then you'll be able to remove unwanted content including taking down:

  • Questionable and/or unwanted photographs published or shared with or without your permission
  • This includes images of minors that might pop up in a search
  • Addresses and/or telephone number(s) whether they're personal and/or business-related

Step-by-Step Instructions and Other Platforms

In a recently posted newsworthy article, there are step-by-step instructions for using the Results About You tool to "scrub personal information from search results." This published piece also offers other utilities or apps that are available online and helpful when tackling these types of internet dilemmas.

Back to titles, some of these tools include Delete Me (that uses a DIY approach) which pulls personal data from popular sites like MyLife, Spokeo, Whitepages, and more. Don't forget about DuckDuckGo which many cyber security experts recommend as a no-cost way to help privacy and search results at bay.  

Preventative Methods and Other Measures

You know what they say, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (a quote credited to Benjamin Franklin)", so be sure to keep on the offensive that delivers more effective defensive measures. Remember to always block unwanted calls and unsubscribe to intrusive emails. While it does take some time and thought, and it's kind of a hassle, eventually it will cut down on these daily annoyances. While you might not see them come to a grinding halt although highly unlikely or at the very least cut down on them considerably. 

While it's not a complete solution to the ongoing problem of online security, it's sure a good place to start. When you need this type of tech advice, seeking solutions, tips, and tricks when it comes to tackling today's technology, MaxxSouth Broadband and our Brainiac team of experts are always here for you. Whether it's a quick question or a complicated problem, we've got your back. We're looking forward to hearing from you every day and please feel free to stop by any of our convenient locations. 


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