Baby Safety Month

baby safety month

All September long, Baby Safety Month highlights the importance of providing babies and families with safe, quality products.

Children are a precious commodity. Parents and caregivers strive to provide the safest environment for children. Putting children’s safety first is a high priority. That not only means protecting them where they live but also protecting them from dangerous products. 

For babies, every room in the home poses safety concerns. The paint on the walls, the temperature of the water, cleaners under the sink all present risk factors. But there are actions parents and caregivers can take to protect babies. These are just a few:

Baby Safety Tips

  • Anchor large pieces of furniture and televisions.
  • Place gates at the tops and bottoms of stairs.
  • Cover outlets.
  • Remove blinds and curtains with long or looped cords.
  • Install smoke detectors and test twice a year.
  • Add a fire extinguisher to every level of the home.
  • Put safety latches on cabinet doors and the toilet.
  • Check the thermostat on the hot water heater; install a temperature guard.
  • Remove toys with pieces small enough to swallow. Throw away broken toys.
  • Test old paint for lead. Have it removed or sealed.
  • Place bumpers on sharp corners.
  • Remove poisonous plants.
  • Complete the registration cards that come with baby furniture, supplies, and toys. If there is a recall, you’ll be notified.

Babies keep parents and caregivers busy, but these are just a few steps to help make their jobs less stressful and keep their small humans safe.

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