5 Tips on How to Manage Time with Efficiency

Manage your time

This is the first thing you have to understand about time management is that no matter how organized we are, there are always only 24 hours in a day. Time doesn't change and all we can is manage what we do with the time that we have.

Having a To-Do List

Having a list is a time saver. If you have a list, you'll never have to wonder what's on the daily schedule or what to do next.

Focus on One Task at a Time

If you have chosen to do a task, see it through to the end and finish it. Avoid stopping something in the middle and only doing half work, and leaving your current task and doing something else entirely.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is a serious part of time management. Plan your day before it unfolds. Do it in the morning or even better, the night before you sleep. The plan gives you a good overview of how the day will pan out. That way, you don’t get caught off guard. Your job for the day is to stick to the plan as best as possible. When you know exactly what needs to get done for the day, you'll stay prepared and motivated.

Have a Time Check

Know exactly how you spend your time. In an office or home setting, you should know the tasks that are stealing your time. Then once you have done a time check you can do something about it. Knowing exactly where your time is going can help you make decisions about delegating tasks.

Use a Calendar

Having a calendar is the most fundamental step to managing your daily activities. If you use outlook or lotus notes, calendar come as part of your mailing software.

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