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WTFast | Lower Latency = More Wins

Up Your Game With MaxxSouth

Gamers know the pains caused by latency between your PC and the gaming server. Lag, high ping, and packet loss turn your immersive gaming experience into a headache. Want to level up your gaming and avoid frustration?

Don't let latency put you in second place! MaxxSouth has the unbeatable combo for you to enjoy smooth, uninterrupted gaming sessions. 

WTFast provides you with a dedicated connection to your game's server for faster response times. SmartNet's cutting edge mesh technology gives your PC a strong and reliable WiFi connection. Our turbocharged Internet speeds give you the competitive edge to race to victory.

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Less Lag

Lower the delay between the game server and your game for a smooth experience

ping icon, Lower Latency, How to lower ping, Best WiFi For Gaming, Internet for Gaming

Reduce Ping

Ensure a strong connection between your computer and the gaming server

ping icon, Lower Latency, How to lower ping, Best WiFi For Gaming, Internet for Gaming

Minimize Packet Loss

Prevent data (packets) from failing to be delivered due to network congestion

  • Regular server routing 'checks in' at several servers in search of the most efficient one. WTFast automatically routes gaming data to the most efficient server.

  • WTFast uses an intelligent server network to route your game connection. It focuses on creating the best connection possible for gaming and gives you the best online gaming experience.

  • WTFast supports 1,000+ games. Check out their official games page to see if your favorite games are covered!

  • Currently, WTFast only supports Windows systems 7 or higher, and does not have an official Mac version available. However, Mac users can install Windows on their computer using Boot Camp to access WTFast.

  • Yes! It is compliant with all popular online games.

  • No. WTFast also does not alter your IP address or change any of your unique identifiers. This helps WTFast maintain a good relationship with game publishers.

  • Gaming with a regular VPN is limited, as game publishers have been known to disconnect users with encrypted/altered IP addresses to curb fraud and cheating. WTFast does not alter your IP address, which prevents disconnection from game publishers. It also reduces latency, lowers ping, and reduces packet loss for an overall enhanced gaming experience.

  • WTFast is currently not available on gaming consoles. However, WTFast may be beta testing a router for consoles soon! Learn more on the official website.


600 Mbps
  • 600 Mbps Download
  • 12 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Data


1000 Mbps
  • 1000 Mbps Download
  • 20 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Data

Fiber 1 Gig

Matching Speeds
  • 1000 Mbps Download
  • 1000 Mbps Upload

Unlimited Data
ONT Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Lag is time delay between a player requesting an action and the character in-game performing it. Normally used when the time delay is longer than expected.

  • Latency, or Ping, is the time it takes data to travel from your computer to the game server you are connected on and then back to your computer.

  • Packet loss is when data (packets) traveling across a computer network fail to be delivered. It is typically caused by data transmission errors or network congestion.