Celebrating Creativity: The Neshoba Democrat Coloring Contest

Neshoba democrat coloring contest blog, image of a little girl coloring

MaxxSouth recently had the pleasure of participating in the Neshoba Democrat Newspaper Coloring Contest, an event that showcases the artistic talents of the local elementary school students while fostering a sense of community engagement and creativity. Learn more below.

What is the Neshoba Democrat Coloring Contest?

This contest tasks elementary schools in Neshoba County with creating newspaper ads for various businesses, with the winning design earning a coveted spot in the paper for that business's ad. We were thrilled to be assigned as one of the businesses and be part of this community event.

The submissions we received were fun and diverse! From bold color choices to creative interpretations, it was evident that the students put a lot of effort into their designs.

MaxxSouth’s Winner!

We are excited to announce that the winner of our ad was #9 – Dawson Tubby! We were truly impressed by his effort to bring our business to life on paper. His winning design will be proudly displayed in next week's issue of the Neshoba Democrat, reaching homes and businesses throughout the county.

Neshoba Contest Winner

Get Involved! Where to See All the Artwork

At MaxxSouth, we did not want the celebration to end with just the newspaper. We believe that every participant deserves recognition for their hard work and talent. That's why we've decided to showcase all the artwork from the contest at the Philadelphia Retail Center. We invite the community to join us in celebrating these young artists. Stop by the Philadelphia Retail Center to view the artwork and witness the talent that thrives within our schools.

Community Comes First at MaxxSouth

As we reflect on the Neshoba Democrat Newspaper Coloring Contest, we're reminded of the importance of supporting the artistic endeavors of our youth. Through events like these, we can inspire creativity, build confidence, and foster a sense of pride in our community.

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