How To Search on MaxxSouthTV

The Search function appears in the upper, right corner of the screen when viewed from a PC or on a mobile device. On supported TV platforms, the function can be accessed by selecting Search from the main navigation. 

Once Search (or the magnifying glass icon) has been selected, the search text box will appear, allowing the user to type in search keywords for content titles (series, movies, episodes) and channel titles across live, upcoming, lookback and VOD content. If voice commands are enabled on the device or platform in use, the user may also select the microphone in order to speak the search keywords.

Once a search term has been entered, the results will be populated, and may contain results that fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Channels
  • Live and Upcoming
  • Episodes

The user may select any of the results in order to access additional information about the program. 

Please note the channel search is not yet supported for mobile and tablet.

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