How to Connect your Digital Cable Box

Digital Cable Boxes (SD STB or Set Top Boxes) only have two types of connections: Coax and RCA.

The best way to connect these boxes to your TV is via RCA. You have one cord with Connectors on each end going from the SD STB to the TV. The SD STB has 5 connections: The power cord, the incoming cable, and the outgoing RCA connectors to the TV. The RCA connectors are color-coded: They have a Yellow, Red, and White connector on each end. You will have to match them to the corresponding spots on the back of the TV as well as the back of the SD STB. Once the are plugged in, you will also have to set the TV to the correct RCA input.

The other way to connect the SD STB is via COAX to the TV. You have one cord going from the “TO TV/RF OUT” spot on the SD STB to the spot labeled “CABLE/ANTENNA”. The SD STB has 3 cords: The power cord, the incoming cable and the outgoing COAX to the TV. Once they are connected, tou will have to set the TV to channel 3 to get a picture on the TV.

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