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MaxxSouth Broadband Trademark License Policy

BCI Mississippi Broadband d/b/a MaxxSouth Broadband (“MaxxSouth”) is the sole and exclusive owner of the trademarks and registrations listed on Exhibit A (the “Trademarks”).

MaxxSouth has the power and authority to grant or deny a LICENSEE the right, privilege and license to use any of its Trademarks on or in association with LICENSEE’S goods and/ services.

In order for a LICENSEE to obtain the rights to use MaxxSouth Trademarks, LICENSEE must obtain written consent from MaxxSouth Broadband in a formal Trademark License Agreement set and approved by MaxxSouth.

Notwithstanding any other statement, agreement, or provision to the contrary, MaxxSouth reserves the right to revoke, for any reason or no reason, any grant of rights to a LICENSEE to use a MaxxSouth Trademark. Such revocation shall be effective immediately upon notice to the LICENSEE, and following revocation or other termination LICENSEE shall take all commercially reasonable steps to immediately cease use of the MaxxSouth Trademark.

Any usage of MaxxSouth trademarks, registrations or other intellectual properties without written consent is prohibited and may be considered and pursued as trademark infringement.