How to Navigate Your SmartNet Eero App Settings

App Settings 

Name – The SSID (name) of the user’s main network
Password – The password for the user’s main network
Guest Access – Enable guests to join the Main or Guest Network by sharing login credentials via QR code or email. Turn the Guest Network on or off
Notifications – Enable notifications for software updates and new devices on the networks
Software Updates – Read about the features included in the current and past software versions
Advanced – Further customize the eero network, including custom DNS, IP reservations, and port forwards Account – View user account details and subscriptions, it applicable
Help – Get answers to common questions and contact Support Switch Networks – Create and manage other networks associated with the user’ account


This section includes information about a user’s eero account, including their name, phone number, and email address. The information allows the user to log into their account and access their network. To receive information on the latest eero products, features and promotions, users can toggle on Stay Up to Date.


Users can enable push notifications to inform them when changes occur on the network
New Devices – turn on to receive a notification when a new device has joined the network
Software updates – turn on to receive a notification when a software update is available for the network

Switch Networks 

Multiple networks can be created and managed under on user account using eero’s Switch Network feature
     Add Another Network

  • To Start, tap Switch Networks
  • Select a network to manage
  • To add a new network, click Add another network. This will walk the user through the process of setting up a new eero network.



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