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MaxxSouth Do-Not-Call (DNC) Policy

The following sets forth MaxxSouth’s policy for creating, maintaining and complying with “Do Not Call” (DNC) requests. A copy of this Policy shall be made available immediately upon request.


  • A. In conducting telemarketing campaigns, MaxxSouth, or its third party telemarketing vendor, as the case may be, shall establish and maintain a company-specific DNC List, which shall include those customers and potential customers who have directly requested to MaxxSouth, or its telemarketing vendor, that they not be telemarketed. The individuals on this MaxxSouth DNC List shall be excluded from any future live and pre-recorded telephone solicitations for the sale of MaxxSouth products and services.
      1. To implement DNC requests, MaxxSouth or its telemarketing vendor must (a) Record each DNC request, regardless of the form in which such request is made, and (b) Place the requestor’s telephone number on the DNC List at the time such DNC request is made. The process of recording a DNC request and deleting a requesting person’s telephone number from MaxxSouth’s telemarketing lists will be completed as expeditiously as possible, but in no event longer than thirty (30) days.
      2. MaxxSouth and its third party telemarketers shall maintain records of DNC requests for a minimum of five (5) years.
      3. Any DNC request shall be taken as a request for all campaigns going forward, not just the current campaign-giving rise to the call, unless otherwise specified or requested by the consumer.


  • B. MaxxSouth shall not telemarket to consumers’ phone numbers registered with the Federal DNC List or State DNC Lists, unless MaxxSouth has an “existing business relationship” with the consumer, as defined in the relevant statute and allowed by the FTC, FCC or the State. However, once a consumer with an existing business relationship with MaxxSouth requests directly to MaxxSouth or its telemarketing vendor to be placed on the MaxxSouth DNC List, that consumer shall be placed on the MaxxSouth DNC List and will not receive future telemarketing sales calls from MaxxSouth or its telemarketing vendor.
      1. When calling consumers with whom we have an existing business relationship, MaxxSouth shall use the phone number(s) provided by the consumer as their contact telephone number(s) located in the customer’s billing account.
      2. MaxxSouth or its telemarketing vendor shall update its DNC List in accordance with the requirements of all applicable Federal and State law. MaxxSouth shall incorporate the Federal and applicable State DNC Lists as frequently as required.


  • C. All outbound automated sales calls shall comply with state and federal laws governing such calls. All DNC requests shall be honored as to automated calls as well as live calls. If a state has no provision for automated sales calls, federal law will apply.


  • D. All personnel engaged in any aspect of telephone solicitation must be informed of and trained in the existence and use of the DNC List and MaxxSouth policies and procedures with regard to DNC requests.