How To Read Your Bill

How To Read Your Billing Statement

Here are a couple important locations on Page 1 of your statement:

  • Your 16 digit Account Number is listed on the upper left 
  • Underneath the Account Number is your 4 digit security code
  • Billed Services for the next month and the remaining balance from any previous months will display on the upper right hand corner
  • Also included on the upper right corner:
    • New and Partial Charges
    • Taxes, Fee, One time Charges & Credits
    • Total Amount Due
    • Payment Due Date
    • Credits and Payments received
  • You will also see important messages about our products and services, free previews, and new channels underneath your account number and security code.
  • The bottom of the page has a remit coupon used for paying your bill by mail. Please do not send cash via mail. 

Page 2 of the Billing Statement includes additional messaging that may include Customer Notices or special opportunities available only to MaxxSouth Customers. 

Page 3 is the monthly details page, where you will find itemized charges and credits for your monthly billing statement. 

Partial month services section will only appear if you added or removed a service within the billing period. You will also find taxes and fees, as well as one time charges and credits (like MaxxSouth On Demand) in separate sections. 

You will also see the total amount due and payment due date will be listed one more time.


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