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How to choose the perfect business internet bundle

December 14, 2018

In an ever-evolving digital world, high tech access and speed are necessary to keep in touch with suppliers and customers. Every business should frequently audit the effectiveness of its internet, phone and TV bundle to ensure its business needs are met.

Internet speed and price are important factors to consider when purchasing internet bundling services, but they shouldn’t be the most important attributes. The best business internet bundles offer reliable connectivity and responsive technical support services. This will keep your business running smoothly and effectively. No business wants to lose customers and sales because of consistently spotty internet. How well your internet bundle works for your business can contribute to its success as much as good sales practice.

Internet service providers (ISP) will offer additional services such as tech support, streaming TV products and digital telephones to draw in customers. These are worth the investment as the individual cost of each service is discounted. In one swoop, businesses can save money and time by adding phone and TV products to their internet package. Internet access is usually the top priority since that enables the other components of the bundle, which makes choosing the right ISP important.

Keep in mind that any service provider you go with will expect you to commit to a typical multi-year contract. If you want to switch to a more favorable bundle you may have to pay a hefty charge on the remaining balance to do so before the end of the contract. 

You already have an idea of what bundle and internet speed works best for your business, but here is a list to better assess what can impact your bottom line today and tomorrow.

Innovative features the competition can’t offer

To keep ahead of quirks and fluctuation in service, your bundle should be innovative. Does your provider let you have an automatic backup that lets your internet stay up if the power goes out? Does your ISP enable advanced spamware and malware protection? One service provider for your business internet bundle should be an ISP that is constantly striving for better services. It’s less hassle all around.

Reliable, fast speeds

As a business owner, you want the fastest and most reliable speed that won’t undo your budget. More connections to your phone and internet will require more bandwidth. Your employees will need an increased bandwidth to work on multiple devices from different locations. Typically, the faster the internet, the more expensive the plan. You should only pay for what you actually need. This is why it is important to find a provider that has a variety of plans to choose from.


Internet and phone security are prime considerations for businesses that want to keep customer and business information safe. A static IP address offers increased internet security against malware. Some ISPs offer dynamic IP addresses, which changes periodically, by default. A static IP address is permanent and sometimes requires an additional fee to get. A static IP address provides a more secure network especially if you host your own server or have employees who work remotely.

Tech services

Check the Service Level Agreements guarantee to see how you will be compensated in the event of a service downtime. Will your service be restored within 24 hours? How much credit are you are entitled to on your next bill if uptime isn’t restored within 24 hours? Your service provider should make you feel confident that you will get the support you need if ever there was an issue. 

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