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High-Speed Internet Deals

Beat The Rush! Get more reliable Internet service at incredibly low prices. For only $54.99/mo. - catch our local high-speed Internet deals fit for every home. 

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Essential High-Speed Internet

With MaxxSouth’s Essential Internet service, enjoy streaming videos, online conferencing, surfing the web and more with our high speed Internet deals.

Get more reliable Internet services at incredibly low prices our competitors can't beat! 

starting at $54.99/mo.
250 Mbps Download

A Reliable Connection

Ensure you can save and submit your work without Internet connection issues.

The Perfect Speed

Find the best speed to fit your personal needs with our fast Internet offers.

Protect Your Devices

Protect your smart devices in an all-in-one plan with Pocket Geek Home.

Watch MaxxSouthTV

Stream between classes with your favorite shows on the go with MaxxSouthTV.

What's the Best Internet Speed for You and Your Household?

Find out which MaxxSouth Internet speed works best for you and your household; whether you're a solitary student or running a crowded household.


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Tips to Help Keep Your Kids on Task While Virtual Learning

Keeping young kids on task is hard on a daily basis, but is an even bigger challenge when virtual learning in on the table. Learn efficient ways to make virtual learning easy! 


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8 Tips to Improve the Performance of your WiFi Network

If your WiFi network is not meeting your expectations, there are several things you can do to boost its signal. Find helpful tips on how you can improve your in-home WiFi network. 


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